• Completeness

    A structured catalogue of services is essential to ensuring the ultimate professionalism in international operations. Our offering is:


    We work in over 300 language combinations


    • Technical translations
    • Marketing translations
    • Transcreation for advertising and marketing
    • Software and website localisation
    • Social media translations
    • Interpreting: negotiation, chuchotage, simultaneous, consecutive
    • Marketing
    • Content and document management solutions – CMS
    • XML publications
    • Multilingual website development
    • Multilingual desktop publishing
    • Professional and synchronised voiceovers
    • Subtitling
    • Consulting and system integration


    Our database contains details of over 3000 professional, mother-tongue translators with specialist qualifications and experience. Our translators are selected according to criteria stricter than those required by UNI EN ISO 17100:2015, the standard governing translation services. Translating B2B and B2C texts requires different specialisations and skills. A high level of interpretative talent and experience is essential to guarantee the flexibility needed to handle all kinds of document.

  • Flexibility

    Flexibility means understanding the needs of each individual client and always adopting an approach aimed at achieving the best possible results. Efficient strategies and processes have always been part of our DNA.

  • Speed

    Our advanced technology ensures an ultra-rapid turnaround while keeping quality under constant control to ensure dependable excellence. Adhere to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 17100:2017 proves that we really are committed to quality.

  • Attention to detail

    For us, reviewing a text requires more than a quick read. We perform a complete check on content and ensure that the original message remains relevant and effective in translation. This is not just a question of standards: Omnia Multilingual Solutions has implemented rigorous quality control ever since its formation. The first national standard was only introduced twenty years later.

  • Client-centricity

    Focusing on the client means getting to know him, making him central to everything you do, anticipating his needs and proposing innovation – even assertively – whenever it will lead to effectiveness and profitability.

  • Technology

    We use the latest tools and technology to deliver professionalism and achieve excellence.
    These include:


    WorldServer is our work flow management portal. It allows work flows to be personalised to suit the structure of our teams and the needs of individual clients. It ensures efficient information sharing not just internally but with clients and translators too.

    WorldServer simplifies and accelerates the process of localising all kinds of content, from websites to documents and software. Its efficient structure allows us to deliver top quality translations within deadlines and budgets.

    WorldServer’s centralised management functions also:

    • reduce the cost and complexity of task acquisition, evaluation and reporting.
    • integrate with Trados Studio to create a linear localisation supply chain.
    • prepare and monitor quotes for projects on the basis of the number of words, general and human resource costs.


    We were among the first to adopt Trados, the computer assisted translation (CAT) tool developed by SDL, global leaders in translation software.
    Trados provides easy access to a series of qualified language resources for all translation needs.

    What exactly is a CAT tool and what does it do?

    The purpose of a CAT tool is to allow previously translated and approved projects and content to be recovered using smart translation memory (TM) technology. This ensures that phrases and expressions are always translated in the same way and also reduces translator work load.


    MultiTerm is a terminology management tool used in conjunction with Trados Studio to improve the performance of translators by proposing the most appropriate term for the context.

    Some of MultiTerm’s key features are:

    • Centralised term storage
    • Multiple search options
    • Flexible language management
    • Term extraction using Text Miner tools
  • Expertise

    Experience first and foremost.

    Our location is close to many UK excellence industries. Operating with these Manufacturing Companies has allowed us to acquire decades of experience in industries for which UK is internationally famous.

    They include the automotive, mechanical engineering, packaging, marine, energy, medical and rail industries, in which we work with some of the world’s most prestigious brands, for which we can rightly claim to be one of the world’s most specialised agencies.


Specialist translation services.

No two sectors or languages are identical: each inevitably has its own special requirements.
That is why Omnia offers a range of professional translation services and places specialist resources at the disposal of all areas of business and industry.

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