An enterprise class, centralised translation management system.

    WorldServer centralises translation projects and manages them autonomously to reduce costs, improve quality and boost efficiency.

    SDL WorldServer simplifies and accelerates the process of localising all kinds of content, from websites to documents and software. The ability to personalise workflows for individual customers and for different types of project allows us to deliver top quality translations within deadlines and budgets.

  • MultiTerm OnLine

    Reliable and efficient terminology management.

    Terminology can be a matter of heated debate. What is the difference between a termbase and a translation memory? What should be stored in each? And what sort of structure should a termbase have?

    MultiTerm OnLine centralises the management of clients’ terminology, including product names, SEO keywords and legal terms, for all content types, languages and communication channels. It also enables us to create easy-to-use glossaries to help authors, reviewers and translators manage terminology in any language.

    MultiTerm OnLine is the terminology management platform that Omnia provides for all its partners.

    MultiTerm OnLine
  • EasyLife

    Real time project visibility and control.

    No time is wasted following progress! Everything is kept under complete control thanks to GroupShare. A dashboard provides complete visibility over all projects, showing deadlines and key parameters. Progress can therefore be monitored easily and updates and statistics obtained instantly.

    Trados GroupShare offers a modular approach to teamwork technology. By adapting to existing workflows and processes, it simplifies the creation of a flexible translation platform. And by automating management activities and allowing translators to share translation resources, GroupShare transforms teamworking methods and improves efficiency.


    SDL Trados Studio is a computer assisted translation (CAT) tool that uses databases called translation memories, containing pairs of source and target phrases.

    Translation memories (TMs) are the heart of SDL Trados Studio. They work by reusing previously translated content to allow translators to complete projects more quickly while maintaining the same high quality.

    Trados Studio provides a complete work environment and enables professional translators to edit and review projects, use agreed terminology and connect to the MultiTerm OnLine termbase.

    Trados Studio permits top quality translation management, improves productivity and allows teams of professional translators to exploit the powerful functions that make this tool the ideal solution for managing translation projects in conjunction with our WorldServer and GroupShare platforms.

  • Memsource

    Memsource’s mission is to help global companies translate more efficiently. Thanks to our partnership in the field of Artificial Intelligence based translation technology, Omnia uses Memsource to make localisation easier, faster and more economical. This in turn makes the information that people want and need more readily available than ever before.

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